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Premium coffee beans Mokador BRIO

Premium coffee beans Mokador BRIO
Premium coffee beans Mokador BRIO
Premium Coffee Beans Mokador BRIO - Balanced Intensity

The intense espresso has a wonderfully fragrant aroma. The taste of Brio is particularly balanced due to the 60/40 ratio of Arabica and Robusta. A high proportion of Robusta results in a beautiful dark cream.
In addition, coffee preparations made with milk provide a delicious taste experience thanks to this special bean composition. The classic bar mix delivers stunning full-bodied results in the mouth.
Brio leaves an intense peanut flavor that you can enjoy after tasting.

Mokador Brio Espresso is a classic blend. This espresso is a real treat for discerning coffee lovers.
The motivation of Domenico Castellaris, the founder of Mokador, has always been to put the quality of his products first.
The green coffee is roasted in a rotating drum in a natural, gentle and above all traditional Italian way.

Excellent creaminess, strong aroma of syrupy appearance.
Strictly controlled, award-winning Central and South American Arabica and Robusta coffees are a 60-40% blend that guarantees excellent Italian espresso quality.
Thick, dark hazelnut-colored, long-lasting cream, strong flavor, full round flavor characterize this special coffee. Designed specifically for the BAR HORECA sector.
Product features
Product typeCoffee beans.
Packaging1 kg. / package
Bodied taste5/5
CertificationBureau Veritas, Koscher
Ideal forAt noon / Afternoon
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