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MOKADOR DIVA coffee machine

MOKADOR DIVA coffee machine
MOKADOR DIVA coffee machine

MOKADOR DIVA represents the latest evolution in the Professional Espresso Machines family, born from a natural synthesis of experience and innovation.
Refined and enhanced in its components, optimized in consumption and costs and maximized in its reliability, MOKADOR DIVA guarantees an always perfect coffee extraction.
MOKADOR DIVA is finally squaring of the circle.


  • Faster, more silent, easy to use
  • Faster Coffee supply
  • Perfect Coffee extraction thanks to the enhanced supply group
  • Significantly reduced servicing time: total supply group replacement in 4 minutes only!
  • New capsule slot for a better, easier insertion
  • Used capsule and water recovery tray, easily extractable 
  • New led keypad commands
  • 100% Made in Italy
  • Timed coffee brewing

  • Width 24 cm
  • Height 29 cm
  • Depth 29 cm
  • Weight 7 kg
  • Supply 230v/50Hz
  • Power 975 W
Product features
Product typeTable capsule coffee machine.
Recommended dose / day25 dose.
Weight3.5 Kg.
Dispensing height7-11,5 cm.
Water tank capacity1,5 l.
Fresh Milk Absorbent Cappuccino HeadNo.
Built-in milk coolerNo.
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  • Model: Mok-diva
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